Hindu Center Cultural & Other Events


Cultural & other events in the HCV community hall are conducted by the Hindu Center or other community members and organizations.
If you plan to conduct a cultural event, contact info@hinducenterofvirginia.org

Upcoming Events at Hindu Center of Virginia:

HCV 2020 Events:

Holi - March 9th, 2020 at HCV grounds - Canceled

Mothers Day - Sunday Evening - May, 2020 at HCV Community Hall. If your children are interested to perform, please contact cultural@hinducenterofvirginia.org by May 1, 2020

Upcoming International Day of Yoga at HCV - June 21, 2020 Tentative. Please participate - Event will be Open to All.

Festival of India 2020 - Saturday & Sunday- September 19th & 20th, 2020 at Greater Richmond Convention Center

Diwali Cultural - canceled

Festival of India: Click here for more details.

HCV 2020 Events - TBD:


- Garba TBD @HCV Community Hall