HCV encourages the Richmond community to become a member and enjoy being part of the Hindu Center family, and to feel pride in sharing in the resources and expenses of the center and temple. In the course of a year, lot of activities are held at the center and also expenses are incurred to run the religious and non-religious activities. It is a good feeling to know that one is sharing in this.

As a member you have the ability to participate in the decision-making process to run the Hindu Center. Members are also offered discounted rates for hall rental,library and other fees. Overall, benefits of having the membership are worth more than the dues paid for individual activities.

There are four levels of membership:
(a) Regular Membership: Open to all community members who subscribe to the objectives of the HCV. Regular members are eligible to be nominated to some roles in the Executive Committee.
The Annual membership fee currently is $101 per calendar year for a family.
(b) Life Membership: The fee for Life Membership is $2,000 per person. Life Members are eligible to be nominated to voting positions in the Executive Committee. The spouse will become a life member for an additional $1.
(c) Corporate Membership: Members who have held Life Membership for at least three years can be nominated to become Corporate Members. Nominees will have provided substantial service to the Center, and be active participants in all HCV activities. Nominees will be on the ballot for election by the Corporate Body at its annual meeting. Nominees receiving at least 4/5 of the votes will become Corporate Members. Corporate Members are eligible to be nominated for all voting positions in the Executive Committee. Dues are $201 for a couple per calendar year.
(d) Honorary Membership: Conferred upon distinguished individuals over the age of 65, who have made special contributions to the HCV. For more details, contact Membership Committee.
Please contact
Membership is due January 1, of each calendar year. Please make checks payable to "Hindu Center" and mail to Hindu Center of Virginia, ATTN: Membership Committee, 6051 Springfield Road, Glen Allen, VA 23060. To become a member, please fill the form at:
Here is the list of the current corporate and life members .